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The Amygdala 

Let  The  Mind  Bloom  Beautifully!

Welcome to The Amygdala

 A vibrant and transformative mental health-based non-profit organization with a mission that began with a simple yet profound realization: the world, especially  our youth, needs support, understanding, and a safe space to navigate the complex landscape of mental health.

 Our global reach spans across more than 30 countries, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of better mental health.

We've touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals worldwide, spreading awareness, understanding, and support for mental health.

We've disseminated essential mental health resources to over 40 Indian schools, nurturing the well-being of students and educators alike.

Our Call to Action: You Are the Change


We stand for a proactive approach to mental health, and we invite you to join our cause. Whether you're a student, parent, activist, ally, or educator, you can make a difference. Engage in our global programs, participate in conversations, and contribute to systemic change that supports the mental well-being of Gen-Z.


“In this digital age, internet-based technologies are pivotal for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 - good health and well-being. We must increase mental health awareness, ensure access to quality care, and foster resilience in young people.” 

Charvi Gangwani, Co-Founder, The Amygdala

Our Collaborators, Supporters, and Sponsors

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