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Our Team

Charvi Gangwani

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Charvi Gangwani is a rising senior at Choithram School, India with a perfervid appreciation for technology in creating an impact. Having Experienced isolation and solitude, she understands the beauty of fostering one individuality through global connectivity. Crafted with kindled faith in freedom of expression and ideas she is keenly involved to contribute and cultivate a positive impact. Her spirit wanders with kindness and knows how to observe vividly and think freely. She strives to live her life fighting for equality and empowerment.

  Jigyasa Jain

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Jigyasa Jain is a rising senior from Choithram School India who is driven by the beauty of literature and languages. She is an ingenous writer and a poet who writes for change and truth. She is creatively inclined towards development of the youth by connectivity and global outreach. She innovatively incorporates the power of language in learning. She intricately entwines the complex threads of the human experience with empirical ideas and beliefs to create a positive and balanced outlook on life. She believes that if the youth stands  united an impact can be created to change the world and culture impressions of uplifting our inner voices to engender productivity and tranquility.

Nandini Bhachawat

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Nandini Bhachawat is a rising high school senior at Choithram School. She is a creative intellectual, reflecting brilliance and passion in everything she pursues. Drawing inspiration from everything around her, she is a driven individual, manifesting change through art, poetry and eloquent speeches. Nandini is an amazing creator for change, fueling and inspiring the hidden creative corners of our hearts. She is a wonderful, kind and inspiring person reflecting brilliance and ardor in everything she does.


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Mrs. Raminder Mac

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Mr. Vishal Sanwatsar

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Ishita Rochlani


Naivedhya Mahajan


Shrut Jain 

Our Mission
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